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How to Positively Protest Games Industry Media Frenzies

February 14, 2014

If you stand facing an amp holding an electric guitar, you’ll start to hear an increasingly annoying ‘ringing’ noise known as audio feedback, or the ‘Larsen Effect’. The guitar pickup detects a sound coming out the speaker, feeds it back to the speaker, hears that same sound again, amplifies it and amplifies it until you’re deafened by the same sound amplifying itself over and over.


This is what it’s like in the games media whenever a big story breaks. The blogs and twitter feeds become a frenzy of noise with the same opinions being preached to people who already share the same view.

This year has barely started, and we’ve already had two major frenzies, first when every single outlet told us how Dungeon Keeper was the reason everything in the games industry was going to shit, and then again when hysteria and supposition about Flappy Bird led the creator to remove the game because apparently it all became too much.


We know, it’s rubbish…

I want (And as a developer, need) to engage with the games media, but I find it almost impossible. Every site seems to thrive off propagating hate and stirring up anger.

So if you’re a big name in games coverage, I plead with you to consider this…

For every article or tweet you write about how Candy Crush is destroying the app store, you probably left ten cries for help from small indie developers who are reaching out, struggling for coverage, festering away in your ‘Ignore’ box.

Cover them!

Positively protest the media frenzies by dedicating the time and effort you would spend on that article to instead covering new and upcoming unheard of developers rather than adding to the circus. Spread love, not hate. You never know, you might have Rorschach’s Journal sitting in your inbox. And at the very least, you’ll  make someone’s day.

Or alternatively you could just write another article about how my opinions represent everything that’s wrong with indie developers today.

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