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Dungeon Run

August 10, 2013

This weekend I’ve been at Dare Protoplay, and the accompanying Indie Fest. Held in Dundee, it’s a mixture of the world renown game design competition ‘Dare To Be Digital’, as well as platform for indie developers to showcase their work. For all exhibitors and participants, it’s a chance for them to show off their new games, and see how people react to them, often for the first time.

Which is exactly what myself and the folks from Proper Games have been doing there, showing off our new game ‘Dungeon Run’. It’s being made by a fantastic team, a mixture of Proper Games Staff and freelance / indie developers.


We’re touting it as a ‘Massively Single Player Rogue-like RPG’, a cross between Lemmings and Dungeons and Dragons. It’s about a lot of guys with a flagrant disregard for their own wellbeing crashing through a randomly generated dungeon collecting loot, fighting enemies and dodging traps.


The characters live in a village with a mysterious dungeon mouth in it, which they are attracted to like moths to a flame. They pile into it in the hope of finding riches. Nobody ever makes it out alive… but by spending the money and gems you’ve accumulated at the various village shops on new equipment and upgrades, they’ll hopefully get a little bit further each time!


It’s been going down an absolute storm at the festival, which has been a real confidence booster for all of us. It’s about half way through development, and we can’t wait to get back to working on it. For more information, keep your eyes on the Proper Games website, my own blog, or follow us on Twitter.

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