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New Organicraft Levels!

November 15, 2012

You asked for them, so here they are! (Sorry for the delay)


When I first made Organicraft last month, the reason I didn’t deliver a lot of levels was because I was fairly convinced that there wasn’t really a logical way of working out the solutions.

It turns out I may have been wrong, as a few of you (Thomas, pelham.tovey,Somerled,Persus-9 to name a few) think there may be a logical way of solving them. Let’s explore this theory further with another 8 levels.

Another feature included in this update, which may have been a missing piece of the puzzle the first time round, is that there is now a small white arrow in the rules showing you where the virtual ‘pen’ stops drawing. This is important because it lets you know where it will start drawing the remainder of the plant.

The inclusion of this information allows me to fairly make rules where the pen doesn’t stop pointing upwards, which can create curved fractals, like this one…

There’s also a soundtrack now, courtesy of Reaxim

Thank you so much to everyone who has played Organicraft up to this point. I’m edging ever closer towards considering creating a more complete version of this game. Your feedback will help in that decision.

Stu x

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