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Experimental Gameplay : Whistle Wave

July 27, 2012

I did an Experimental Gameplay project this month on the theme of ‘Audio Input‘. Experimental Gameplay encourages a rapid prototyping methodology that favours higher levels of risk and experimentation in your game design, above making a ‘palatable’ experience. <<Disclaimer!

Audio Input makes a game more accessible, and adds that ‘novelty factor’. It’s always fun to use your other skills and body parts to play a game. Here’s my effort, it’s called ‘Whistle Wave’

Experimental Gameplay : Whistle Wave from Chicknstu on Vimeo.

So, all pretty simple. You whistle to make the ground move, which in turn makes the heads bounce (I wanted to find a theremin and see if it worked as an input, but was unable to locate one. If anyone tries this, let me know how it goes!).

The control method works quite well, although it could probably do with a configuration page so you can calibrate the game to your own whistle. Simply trying it out was the main purpose of this exercise, and already I’ve had a few people make suggestions on where the concept could be taken, which is great, because it means it’s served its purpose.

As to whether I’ll take it any further… well, as usual, I need to be inspired to. I’ve had my fun with it already, but if someone comes up with something amazing to try, I might go back to it. Any suggestions, please comment away in the thread.

If you want to give it a go, here’s a link to the Windows build of the game. Obviously, you’ll need a mic!

Dropbox Download (Windows)

If I do a mac one, I’ll update this thread.

Thanks to Ciaran Kelly for donating one of his music tracks to the game, and to Iain Livingstone, Malcolm Brown, and Alex McGivern for helping with testing. Face sprites were painstakingly copied pixel by pixel from one of my favourite Spectrum games, the amazing ‘Monty on the Run’.

My top score is 37 🙂

Stu xxx

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