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March 22, 2012

Platform : iOS and Android

Company : Arnold Clark / Chunk Games

My Role : Game Design, Level Design, Programming

Description : Part of the ‘Arnold Clark Schools Challenge’, which saw thousands of students try their hand at coming up with a game concept for mobile platforms. The entrants were whittled down from their thousands to a top ten, which were then voted for by the public, and then we turned the winning game into a reality!

Stay on the twisting, hurdling, tricky track for as long as you can, pick up boosters and pump up your tyre for exra strength, but look out for those nasty Totafaces who’ll stop you in your tracks. Riding the renegade Freewheelin’ tyre is just like a metaphor for life…
…sort of.

Show off with stunts and tricks for extra points and kudos, leap the gaps, cut the corners and roll your way into the big leagues with this addictive adrenaline-pumping roller-coaster.

App store link : Free

Android Version : Free

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