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November 24, 2010

I spend a good deal of my free time making games too. There’s too many to go into any great detail, but here’s some screenshots and brief descriptions. If you web search I’m sure you’ll come across them!

Kaboodle – Code / Design / Additional Art – Original Puzzle Game, homebrew project DirectX / c++

Dave’s Day Out – Code / Design / Art – Experimental Project. Tribute to 8-bit platform games. OpenGL / c++

Puzznic – Code / Levels – Remake of the Taito arcade game.

Disorder – Code / Design / Art – Remake of ‘Chaos’

Panic Factory – Code / Art – Remake of ‘Panic Dizzy’.

Vegetable Soup Tactics – Code / Design – Original physics based puzzle game concept sketch, made in a single day at the first ‘Dundee Jam’.

Zoo Crew – Code / Additional Design – 3D adventure game. Made as part of a 5 man team for the 2003 ‘Dare to be Digital’ competition. Won the prize for greatest market potential.

Build me a Baby inc. – Code / Design / Art – Another Dundee Jam entry. This one was a ‘plate spinning’ puzzle game concept.

Pumpkinoid – Code / Design – A platform / breakout style game inspired by a very obscure Spectrum release.

Link-Em Bamboo – Code / Design – Puzzle Game.

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