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Appjam – Speak App!

August 13, 2010

From the desk of Brian Eugine Baglow…

“New App Conference Seeks Speakers, Panelists, Clever People…

Dundee, Scotland. August 13th 2010. Designers, developers, manufacturers, media moguls, artists, application experts, entrepreneurs, phone and facebook fans – the App Conference needs you. The first ever AppCon and AppJam will take place in Dundee (on November 8th-10th 2010) is looking for speakers, presenters, panelists, judges and experts from around the wide, wide world of apps.

The conference covers all of the new app markets, from the well-stocked Apple AppStore to the world-spanning Facebook app market. The programme of events for the AppCon covers every aspect of the rapidly-evolving applications market, from design and development, taking new applications to market, the benefits of the various different marketplaces, marketing your new app and supporting your new audience.

We need experienced experts from every area of the app world to speak, present and share their knowledge of this exciting new area. If you would like to speak, present or participate in the 2010 AppCon – or participate in the 48-hour AppJam competition – please contact”

For more information and the latest news visit or follow us on Twitter – @appjamdundee

Stu xxx

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